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Research Collaboration with NTI–Expert Grantsmanship for Study Success

At a time when it’s increasingly difficult to find and win research funding, NTI’s dedicated team of seasoned research administrators is the partner you need.

We understand the challenges you face in trying to do it all: carrying a clinical load, competing for funding, and conducting high-quality studies. So we’re here to attend to the time-consuming grant acquisition and management details you just hate—like submitting proposals, building realistic budgets, identifying sites, navigating regulatory compliance, and much more.

We are a diverse staff of senior research managers, holding decades of collective experience and advanced degrees in nursing, healthcare administration, financial management, demography, public health and geographic information systems. Collaborate with NTI, and our team will manage your study from start to finish—from hypothesis development and aim setting, through proposal writing, grant acquisition, project management, publication, presentation and data sharing. Our support across the entire grant lifecycle makes your job worlds easier and allows you to focus on what you do best—saving lives and conducting research.

As a coordinating center for federally-funded research, NTI has partnered on trauma studies with principal investigators since 2006. From clinical trauma research to national research infrastructure, projects under NTI’s management have engaged more than 70 investigators across the U.S. and drawn nearly $90 million in federal and state funding to date.


Research projects are considered based on a variety of criteria including the level of study fit with available sources of funding, institutional support, investigator track record, and strength of the initial study protocol. NTI’s Science Committee reviews potential projects for their relevance to NTI’s mission. We continually monitor national funding announcements and work to pair available opportunities with germane study ideas and interested investigators. 

To initiate a discussion, send us a one-page white paper on your study idea that includes the hypothesis, aims, criteria for site determination, and budget estimate.


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