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Federal Support

Ronnie and Doc outsideWe ARE gaining momentum. Since 2006, when Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (TX) requested funding for NTI that ultimately supported 16 studies across the country, NTI has garnered increasing support for its funding requests from members of Congress.

Without a national home for civilian trauma-related research, such as an NIH for Trauma, NTI’s requests are usually for additional funding within the Department of Defense Health Programs budget for trauma-related research that has military significance.

Congressional Support for NTI Funding Requests

Year Senate House
2010 1 4
2013 3 11
2014  – 34
2015  – 47
2016 15 69

NTI’s (via CNTR) latest funding request received bipartisan support from elected officials from 25 states and the District of Columbia. Roughly 7% of Senate members and 16% of House members signed letters of support for a trauma clinical research program.