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Collaborating on Grant Applications

CNTR works closely with principal investigators (PIs) to write research pre-proposals and proposals in response to federal funding announcements. First, we help to crystallize your ideas into actionable hypotheses and specific aims. Then we do the heavy lifting to establish the project scope and timeline, develop a process calendar, create realistic budgets, communicate with sub-sites, collect supporting documentation, and ensure documents are written in a way that answers the questions posed by potential funders. We also help determine an array of participating sites based on your research design and their patient populations.

Many grants require 15 or more different documents—from letters of support to biographical sketches to budgets, and much more. CNTR organizes and expedites document collection, provides technical writing and editing support, and submits the whole complicated package to funders.

CNTR was a true proposal writing partner, providing a high level of technical expertise in developing strong hypotheses, specific aims and a convincing narrative. With a wealth of experience submitting to Department of Defense funding vehicles, CNTR’s coordination of the proposal submission, alone, saved me hours and hours of work.

Nicole Gibran, MD FACS

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, University of Washington School of Medicine