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Managing Large, National, Multi-Site Studies

Once funding has been granted, CNTR serves as the primary contractor, taking on the full array of study management work in order to free investigators and institutions to focus on the research. We supervise all compliance and reporting activities related to federal funding; contract with participating investigator institutions; and manage human subjects protection processes at local and federal levels, good clinical practices in conducting research, financial review and disbursement, and quarterly and annual reporting. We also recruit, hire, and manage research personnel and provide training on specialized research tools and applications, as needed.

CNTR brings a level of technical competence unrivaled in the study management space, working with PIs to identify and incorporate advanced technologies that facilitate study conduct. CNTR staff are familiar with commercially available solutions for study subtasks—such as Surveylet, Distiller, Profiler, BRICS and others—and often collaborate with platform developers to modify such tools in order to meet the security needs and other requirements of various research projects. We work smarter to make the research process more efficient.

My CLOTT (Consortium of Leaders in the Study of postTraumatic Thromboembolism) study involves 17 sites and two different protocols and requires a great deal of coordination, including management of HRPO and IRB compliance across multiple sites. It would be nearly impossible for me to manage such a large-scale project without the help of CNTR’s experienced research team.

Peggy Knudson, MD FACS

Medical Director, Military Health System Strategic Partnership at ACS