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Who We Are

The National Trauma Institute (NTI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation based in San Antonio, Texas. We were founded in 2006 to raise and manage funding for trauma research and to promote civilian and military collaboration for the advancement of trauma treatment. NTI’s board of directors includes senior leaders from AAST, ACS-COT, EAST, WTA, ACEP, Shock Society, OTA and AANS, as well as representatives from the armed services.

Our Call to Action!

It’s time for a federal commitment to fund traumatic injury research.

Even a 5% reduction in trauma deaths and economic burden would mean 10,000 lives and $33 billion saved EVERY YEAR.

“It has been proven in many other major disease categories that research works— it establishes the evidence that improves outcomes and saves lives. Accelerated progress in trauma care requires significant and sustained funding of trauma research.”

Ronald M. Stewart

Founding Chairman National Trauma Institute