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The National Trauma Research Action Plan

This Department of Defense-funded project, the National Trauma Research Action Plan (NTRAP):

1) brings the research and medical community of trauma systems across the United States together around a prioritized, comprehensive research agenda;
2) develops the best assessment tools for long-term functional outcomes for injured patients; and
3) identifies regulatory barriers to conducting trauma research and develops recommendations for best practices.

Despite dramatic improvements in acute trauma care over the last several decades, injury continues to be a major problem. It is well known that clinical research improves patient care and saves lives. While individual trauma research programs have seen some success, there has been no coordinated national effort to unite all the work that is being done to focus on a comprehensive research agenda. Of concern is the impact of injury on long-term outcomes. The NTRAP provides a roadmap for trauma research across the U.S. and a platform for coordinated federal activity supporting the trauma research needed in America.

This coordinated gap analysis and priority formulation effort will advance trauma research in saving lives and improving outcomes for the millions of Americans injured each year—many of whom are unable to return to work and are at higher risk of hospital readmission, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

AIM 1: Perform a gap analysis of military and civilian trauma research to identify priorities across the continuum of care



AIM 2: Define optimal metrics to assess long-term functional outcomes in injured patients following hospital discharge



AIM 3: Identify trauma research regulatory barriers, develop best practices for investigators, and collaborate with federal entities to define optimal endpoints for clinical trauma research



Coalition for National Trauma Research

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