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There are three levels of membership in the Coalition for National Trauma Research.

Core Members


Stakeholder Members



Affiliate Members



  • At the Core Level: Leadership at the helm of the only organization working toward the goal of federal funding for trauma research commensurate with its massive toll on society and lifting all stakeholders in the trauma research environment
  • Increased opportunities and support for the members of the core organizations to participate in trauma research—since CNTR’s founding, hundreds of trauma investigators and stakeholders have engaged in our studies, infrastructure projects, committee work, and advocacy activities
  • Research mentorship—including collaboration with senior investigators, guidance through the grant application process, administrative support, technical expertise and national networking. Support is targeted to mid-career investigators who seek to transition from K awards to R01 awards, from bench to bedside research, or from single-center to multi-center projects
  • Representation on CNTR’s Scientific Advisory Committee, evaluating new proposals and innovative projects and identifying opportunities for participation
  • Accesss to the National Trauma Research Repository for data sharing and secondary analysis
  • Accesss to the ACS-COT’s Trauma Quality Improvement (TQIP) platform as a framework for data collection
  • Participation in research development and advocacy training seminars
  • Amplification of member research publications on the CNTR blog and across social media accounts

To learn more about member benefits and to find out how your organization can become a member, contact me at

Michelle Price

Executive Director, CNTR