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One of CNTR’s primary missions is to raise awareness about the extraordinary toll of traumatic injury in our society and the lack of federal resources to mitigate its effects. Over the past 50 years, federal agencies have issued reports decrying inadequate research investment and the resulting lagging advancement in outcomes for those suffering traumatic injuries. Thus, we visit with members of Congress annually to educate them about the need for funding, and to request specific appropriations for trauma research programs.

CNTR advocacy efforts include planning and managing an annual visit to federal congressional offices, bringing dozens of trauma surgeons and trauma survivors to advocate for federal funding for trauma research.

Timeline of Assessments Relevant to Civilian Trauma Research

Accidental Death and Disability

National Research Council
“Research in trauma has suffered from the lack of recognition of trauma as a major public health problem.”
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Injury in America

National Research Council
“Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults…yet they receive scant attention, compared with diseases and other hazards.”
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Reducing the Burden of Injury

Institute of Medicine
“The nation’s current investment in injury research is not commensurate with the magnitude of the problem.”
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Hospital-Based Emergency Care at the Breaking Point

Institute of Medicine
“The state of emergency care affects every American.”
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An Urgent Call to Action in Support of Injury Control Research Centers

American Journal of Preventative Medicine
“No other ‘plague’ of this magnitude is tolerated in modern society.”
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National Trauma Care System

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
“The lack of formal, funded mechanisms for coordination, communication, and translation in trauma care has…contributed…to suboptimal outcomes for injured patients in the United States.”
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Sources: IOM, 1999, 2007b; NHTSA, 2004; NIH, 1994; NRC, 1966; NRC and IOM, 1985

With a vision of eliminating preventable death and disability after injury across the globe, the ACS Committee on Trauma views research as the key to improving care for injured patients and enthusiastically supports the mission of CNTR.

Eileen Bulger, MD, FACS

President-Elect, AAST; Former Chair, ACS Committee on Trauma