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CNTR's Injury Research Engagement Project

In this video, Jimmo, a survivor of firearm violence, shares his thoughts on participating in trauma research.

​We know that engagement of patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders in trauma-related Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) will ultimately benefit those patients.

Through the Injury Research Engagement Project (I-REP), we have established a standing I-REP Panel of Patients and Caregivers to partner with trauma researchers as they conceptualize and conduct their research. We aim for the I-REP Panel to be an ethnically and geographically diverse coalition of patients, families, and caregivers who represent the continuum of injury care, as well as all injury severities and injury types, including intentional and unintentional.

Our goal is for the I-REP Panel to help researchers improve the quality and relevance of their studies by streamlining and simplifying the process of engagement with the ultimate beneficiaries of investigations. By actively engaging with patients and caregivers who may benefit from trauma CER, researchers can ensure that the outcomes measured and the questions researched are meaningful, respectful, trauma-informed, and relevant to the injured patient.



To join the panel or to receive a calendar invite for the next meeting, email I-REP panelists will be compensated $100/meeting for their time and agree to do the following:

  • Attend at least 75% of online I-REP panel meetings, which will be roughly one hour and scheduled about four times a year.
  • Be prepared and provide constructive feedback on study protocols, documents and dissemination plans.
  • Provide feedback on how to make research relevant to patients, family members and caregivers.
  • Draw on your lived experiences to guide research staff, and listen respectfully to the comments of others.
  • Panelists have the right to stop participating in the project at any time.

Submit a request to present your study or proposal to the I-REP Panel by emailing Please provide the following information:

  • Study abstract
  • Funding agency and specific requirements for patient engagement
  • Primary items you’d like to get feedback on from the panel, and any materials to be distributed prior to the meeting
  • Desired time frame for panel engagement

To receive a calendar invitation to quarterly I-REP Panel meetings: email with your name and stakeholder role (Patient/Caregiver or Clinician/Researcher)

January 30, 2024
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM (CST)