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Since its establishment in 2006, NTI has become the nation’s leading voice for trauma research funding. With an agenda focused solely on advancing the field of traumatic injury care, NTI has:

  • Secured and managed funding for 22 studies in 35 cities and 25 states, involving more than 70 investigators. From examining use of the ventilator bundle in the ICU to weighing the efficacy of iron supplementation for critically ill patients to understanding the mechanism for traumatic coagulopathy, all NTI-managed studies have explored priority issues in the field of trauma.
  • Successfully advocated for an additional $10 million in the FY12 Department of Defense budget for non-compressible hemorrhage studies.
  • Successfully advocated for a $5 million addition to the Department of Defense budget for a National Trauma Research Repository, which will aggregate and standardize research study data for broad use.
  • Managed the Endovascular Skills for Trauma and Resuscitative Surgery (ESTARS) communications platform, a program to build skills in the management of vascular injuries among general trauma surgeons.
  • Managed $7.6 million from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, including matching federal funds, to develop and achieve FDA approval for a wireless vital signs monitor, with a consortium that included private industry, academic and military institutions.
  • Secured funding for and is coordinating MIMIC, an intensive investigation into the causes and mechanisms of U.S. deaths that occur outside of hospital settings
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