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Trauma Survivor Stories

New Love for Life Follows McGinnes’ Attempt at Death

In 2010, Christen McGinnes lost her relentless optimism. A punishing wave of setbacks had beaten her down to the point where ending her own life seemed to be the only avenue for relief. A fall down a staircase left her with a traumatic brain injury that altered her...

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Sue Baldissari Works for a Better Normal

Following the car crash that left Susan Baldissari permanently injured, she endured 15 surgeries over seven years as well as extensive physical therapy, both in a rehabilitation hospital and as an outpatient. Twenty years later, Sue knows she needs another ankle...

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Despite Tragedy, Quin Lewis Lives Life to the Fullest

“I could get hit by a bus tomorrow,” is a phrase people commonly use to defend an indulgence or a short-sighted goal. Agonizing over whether to dip into your savings for a trip to Aruba? “I could get hit by a bus tomorrow; I’m going to enjoy my...

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Surgeons Put Jon Esquivel Back Together Again

Jonathan Esquivel is a case study in pelvic reconstruction. When surgeons who have seen the x-rays of his injuries learn that the man is walking, even running, they are dumbfounded. “They assume I’m in a wheelchair, if not dead,” chuckles Jon, a...

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