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NTRAP Aim 1: 
Perform a gap analysis of military and civilian trauma research to identify priorities across the continuum of care.

For each of the 11 topic areas listed below, the NTRAP project team recruited interdisciplinary experts to identify gaps in the literature, generate research questions, and prioritize those questions using a consensus-driven Delphi survey approach. Each panel conducted four Delphi rounds in which participants first generated key research questions and then prioritized the importance of the questions on a 9-point Likert scale over three consecutive rounds of rating. Consensus was defined as ≥ 60% of panelists agreeing on the priority category.

All research questions that reached consensus were then tagged using an NTRAP taxonomy of 118 research concepts, which were consistent across all 11 panels. The taxonomy scheme consists of the following categories: Population, Phase of Care, Global Injury Pattern, Specific Injuries, Intervention, Observable Clinical States, Patient-Reported Outcomes, and Type of Research. Investigators may now request the Delphi Survey data from any or all of the panel groups and filter questions on any number of the category tags in order to see priorities and trends across study groups and topics.

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NTRAP Aim 1 Delphi Gap Analyses Publications

Focus AreaPanel LeaderPanel MembersPublicationLiterature Review
Acute Resuscitation, Evaluation & ImagingTodd Costantini, MDAcute Resuscitation PanelResults from the Acute Resuscitation, Evaluation & Imaging Research Gap Delphi SurveyAcute Resuscitation
Burns & Reconstructive SurgeryNicole Gibran, MDBurns & Reconstructive Surgery PanelResults from the Burn Research Gap Delphi SurveyBurns & Reconstructive Surgery
Geriatric Trauma
Bellal Joseph, MDGeriatric Trauma PanelResults from the Geriatric Trauma Research Gap Delphi SurveyGeriatric Trauma
Injury Prevention
Zara Cooper, MDInjury Prevention PanelResults from the Injury Prevention Research Gap Delphi SurveyInjury Prevention
Long-Term Functional Outcomes & Rehabilitation
Adil Haider, MD and Juan Herrera Escobar, PhDLong-Term Outcomes PanelResults from the Long-Term Outcomes Research Gap Delphi SurveyLong-Term Functional Outcomes & Rehabilitation
Deborah Stein, MD, PhDNeurotrauma PanelResults from the Neurotrauma Research Gap Delphi Survey Neurotrauma
Orthopedic Trauma
James Ficke, MDOrthopedic Trauma PanelResults from the Orthopedic Trauma Research Gap Delphi SurveyOrthopedic Trauma
Pediatric Trauma
Jonathan Groner, MDPediatric Trauma PanelResults from the Pediatric Trauma Research Gap Delphi Survey Pediatric Trauma
Post-admission Critical Care
Karen Brasel, MDCritical Care PanelResults of the Post-Admission Critical Care Research Gap Delphi SurveyPost-admission Critical Care
Prehospital & Mass Casualty TriageCraig Newgard, MDPre-hospital PanelResults from the Pre-hospital & Mass Casualty Research Gap Delphi SurveyPre-Hospital & Mass Casualty Triage
Trauma Systems & Informatics
Jeff Bailey, MDTrauma Systems PanelResults of the Trauma Systems and Informatics Research Gap Delphi SurveyTrauma Systems & Informatics
Primary publications analyzing the research gap Delphi surveys conducted by 11 topic panels for Aim 1 of the NTRAP project.

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