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In the February 21, 2023 issue of the ACS Brief, the American College of Surgeons shared information about the National Trauma Research Action Plan (NTRAP) that CNTR is now wrapping up, after more than four years of effort. The ACS Committee on Trauma is a core member of CNTR and has been integral to our work.

Elements of the NTRAP can be accessed on the NTRAP pages on our website. There, investigators can find additional information about each of the three aims of the project, links to publications and other project results, and a data access request form. All the data from the NTRAP Delphi panels that identified and prioritized research questions aimed at closing critical gaps in knowledge is available for secondary analyses and can be queried using this form.

To learn more about the project and the types of data that are available, plan to attend one of several scheduled NTRAP webinars. Watch the recording of the first webinar, hosted on February 1, 2023, or request an invitation to any of the upcoming events HERE.

Read the ACS Brief article.