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Scientific Advisory Committee

The SAC is responsible for:

  • Implementation of NTRAP
  • Seeking opportunities for funding, developing and prioritizing research proposals
  • Issuing and communication of Requests for Proposals to a national audience
  • Review of proposals and recommendation of contracts to be awarded
  • Developing mentorship opportunities for junior clinical investigators
Rosemary Kozar, MD, PhD, FACS [Chair] CNTR
Sam Arbabi, MD, FACS ACS-COT
Mitchell Cohen, MD, FACS WTA
Todd Costantini, MD, FACS AAST
Marie Crandall, MD, FACS AAST
Rochelle Dicker MD, FACS WTA
Elliott Haut, MD, PhD, FACS EAST
James Holmes, IV, MD, FACS ABA
Bellal Joseph, MD, FACS WTA
Ajai Malhotra, MD, FACS AAST
Avery Nathens, MD, FACS ACS-COT
Raminder Nirula, MD, MPH, FACS AAST
Tina Palmieri, MD, FACS ABA
Michelle Price, PhD CNTR
Carl Schulman, MD, FACS ABA
Jason Smith, MD, MBA, FACS EAST
Ben Zarzaur, MD, MPH, FACS EAST


It takes more than a ‘village’ to do high quality research to improve outcomes following injury. The support that CNTR provides to investigators allows for a collaboration between all stakeholders, including patients and their caregivers, that maximizes the ability to conduct meaningful research and reach conclusions that will both save lives and improve the quality of those lives. 

Deb Stein, MD

President, 2022, Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma