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There are three levels of membership in the Coalition for National Trauma Research. To learn more about member benefits and to find out how your organization can become a member, contact Michelle Price, Executive Director, at

Core Members
The Core members include the original founding members of the coalition—American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST), American College of Surgeons/Committee on Trauma (COT), Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST), and Western Trauma Association (WTA)—and American Burn Association (ABA). Other organizations may join at the Core level, with unanimous agreement of the Board of Directors. Core members appoint two voting representatives to the Board of Directors. Annual dues: $35,000

Stakeholder Members
Professional organizations interested in supporting and collaborating in the mission of CNTR may become a Stakeholder and appoint a representative to the Advisory Council. Advisory Council members participate with Core members in coordinated advocacy efforts to enhance trauma research funding; serve as liaisons between CNTR and their membership organizations; provide input to the National Trauma Research Agenda (NTRAP) implementation; and propose multi-organizational research studies to be pursued by CNTR. Stakeholders may also participate on CNTR standing committees; and one member of the Advisory Council serves as an at-large representative on the Board of Directors. Annual dues: $5,000

Affiliate Members
Any professional organization interested in supporting the CNTR mission may become an Affiliate. Affiliate member representatives may attend Advisory Council meetings in a non-voting capacity and participate in CNTR trauma research advocacy activities. Affiliate members do not serve on committees or on the Board of Directors. No membership dues.