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The June issue of Injury remembers Don Trunkey, MD, FACS, (1937-2019) a giant in the field of trauma care. Dr. Trunkey’s seminal work showing the effect of access to a trauma center on mortality served as the basis for the trauma care system as it exists today. A prolific researcher, his work led to better methods for controlling hemorrhage and managing multiple injured patients.

Injury editor Peter Giannoudis writes, “He influenced generations of young doctors, in surgery and in other disciplines, to improve trauma outcomes and contribute to the teaching and delivery of optimal trauma care… Donald D. Trunkey was a legend in every aspect of the word and the trauma community will be much poorer with his passing. His legacy however, of improved trauma systems, trauma care and trauma outcomes, is very much alive and society as a whole will be grateful for the career long contribution of this trauma giant.”