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Dr. Lacey Lagrone

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) last week awarded funding to CNTR to conduct a conference series aimed at setting an action plan to speed evidence-based trauma care from study result to clinical practice. The Design for Implementation: Trauma Research and Clinical Guidance Conference Series will facilitate knowledge transfer and project planning among a group of the nation’s trauma clinical, research, administration, academic, and industry leaders. In addition to an invited group of representatives, interested parties may be welcome to apply to participate in this hybrid conference, space permitting. Patients and patient/family advocates will also participate at each stage of project planning and execution to ensure that future clinical guidance development and dissemination is patient-centered. 

“Currently, trauma providers face an overwhelming amount of primary literature and disparate or redundant clinical practice guidelines, if they exist at all,” said Lacey LaGrone, MD, MPH, conference PI. “This lack of standardization undermines the feasibility of practicing evidence-based care. Patients can experience variability in care between providers and between institutions, often leading to a significant difference in survivability for the same level of injury depending on the care setting.”

LaGrone, a trauma and acute care surgeon at Medical Center of the Rockies, and an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado, designed the conference series to bring together a highly engaged group of vested parties to define an ideal future state and set an action plan for addressing potential barriers to progress on national collaboration in clinical guidance development and dissemination. The conference series will also serve to elevate the level of expertise and awareness of dissemination and implementation science principles within the trauma community.

The first conference in the series is slated for February 2024 at the American College of Surgeons in Chicago, IL. Travel funding will be awarded on a competitive basis for a number of participants and speakers in order to ensure the participants represent the diversity of the end-user and the patient. Formal group education regarding appropriate and mature inclusion of diversity, equity and inclusion principles will be conducted in multiple dedicated sessions as well as weaved-in to each plenary session.