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CNTR is pleased to welcome the Anticoagulation Forum (AC Forum) as its latest Affiliate member. A 14,000-member organization that includes physicians, nurses and pharmacists supporting patients in anticoagulation clinics across the country, the AC Forum mission is to prevent and treat thromboembolic disease. The AC Forum drives excellence in thrombosis care by providing education, training and networking opportunities; promoting clinical application of evidence-based practices; and helping shape healthcare policy.

CNTR has engaged with the AC Forum through the CLOTT 3 project funded by the Patient-Center Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). That project, led by Dr. Elliott Haut at Johns Hopkins University, is implementing a nurse and patient education module to help patients reduce their risk of suffering blood clots. Membership in CNTR will open additional opportunities for inclusion and consideration in projects and facilitate communication between and among other members.

The addition of the AC Forum to the coalition brings CNTR’s total reach to more than 170,000 multidisciplinary healthcare providers working across the spectrum of traumatic injury prevention, care and rehabilitation.