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PROspective Observational Vascular Injury Trial (PROOVIT)

Joseph J. DuBose, Lt Col, MD

Few if any decisions throughout the phases of vascular trauma management are guided by strong evidence. Key to the determination of optimal care following vascular injury remains the acquisition and analysis of the highest quality data possible. The Prospective Observational Vascular Injury Treatment (PROOVIT) study was developed with the intent to close the existing knowledge gap and capture the key elements of vascular injury care neglected by previous efforts.

The researchers have established a prospective, multicenter, observational study through the AAST Multicenter Trials Committee that aims to capture key elements of vascular trauma presentation, diagnosis, management, and outcomes from leading U.S. trauma institutions. An additional objective is to sub-categorize anatomic patterns of vascular trauma into extremity, torso, and cervical to allow organized grouping and study of specific injury patterns within these body regions. The location and type of endovascular therapy for vascular trauma is tracked including comparison of outcomes to those following open operative repair of similar injury patterns. Finally, data elements are gathered in a wide range of age groups with vascular trauma including the challenging scenarios of pediatric and geriatric vascular injury.


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Loja MN, Galante JM, Humphries M, Savage S, Fabian T, Scalea T, et al. Systemic anticoagulation in the setting of vascular extremity trauma. Injury. 2017.  DOI: 10.1016/j.injury.2017.03.020

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