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High Anatomic Fidelity Surgical Airway Training System

Robert F. Buckman, Jr, MD FACS

Surgical management of the threatened or obstructed airway is an essential skill for special operations medics and combat surgeons, but currently available training systems that enable practitioners to become competent at cricothyroidostomy and tracheostomy procedures are insufficient. The researchers will develop a prototype high fidelity surgical airway simulator that will provide high anatomical and surgical fidelity and is able to challenge trainees with increasing degrees of clinical difficulty. When used within a standardized, scenario-based training curriculum, it will permit trainees to experience the cognitive and psychomotor skills required to achieve a currently unachievable degree of surgical competency in this procedure. This simulator will have broad application in training surgical airway procedures among all types of medical practitioners from combat medics, EMT-paramedics, emergency physicians and surgeons.