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National Trauma Research Repository (NTRR)
Donald Jenkins, MD FACS

As a coordinated effort with representatives and funding from the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Trauma Research Repository (NTRR) serves as a data repository for trauma research. NTRR aims to become part of the bedrock research infrastructure required for robust and secure sharing of de-identified individual participant data from trauma clinical trials.

The NTRR employs common data elements and a data dictionary to aggregate and standardize research data so that it can be shared for broader use. As development of the NTRR began, a major aim was to establish common data elements (CDEs) from previously and currently funded studies managed by the NTI, large multi-center trials, and other data registries. Use of CDEs and data harmonization allows for more seamless integration and comparison of datasets from separate studies, while enabling the opportunity for meta-analysis of these separate studies using these standardized elements. Simultaneously, use of standardized CDEs facilitates the development of data dictionaries and clinical report forms at the onset of a study. With the development of CDEs, the NTRR was successfully launched in June 2018, initially importing legacy data from the Fit-to-Fly Study, Prehospital Resuscitation on Helicopter Study (PROHS), Pragmatic, Randomized Optimal Platelet and Plasma Ratios (PROPPR) and other completed NTI studies. All trials managed through the NTI and the Coalition for National Trauma Research will be prospectively registered with NTRR.


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